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MPs host roundtable with UK’s Overseas Territories

17 November 2023

MPs on the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee held a productive roundtable discussion this week with the UK’s Overseas Territories representatives and heads of government, as part of the Committee’s inquiry on the Territories’ constitutional status launched in April this year. 

Delegates were invited to the UK Parliament to discuss with MPs matters related to the UK’s constitutional relationship with Overseas Territories, including how that relationship operates in practice, interactions with Whitehall departments, and the issue of representation in the UK Parliament.

Points raised during the roundtable discussion will contribute to the Committee’s evidence-base for its inquiry on the status of the UK’s Overseas Territories in the 21st century.

There are 14 UK Overseas Territories across the globe, with a combined population of 270’000 residents. While each internally self-governing, all Territories have constitutional links to the UK and are represented internationally by the UK.

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Image credit: Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office/Flickr