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How should England be governed? MPs hears from Metro Mayors and Councils

5 July 2021

How should England be governed? How has English devolution performed? What issues surround centralising power in Whitehall? The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee hears from Metro Mayors Andy Burnham and Jamie Driscoll, followed by a panel of representatives for district and South East England councils.

In an earlier session, English devolution had been branded as weak, incoherent and confused by Professor Richard Wyn Jones. There have been several attempts to overhaul the system over the decades, but each has faced fierce opposition, some have failed and some have been watered down or partially implemented.

This session is the latest in the Committee’s Evolution of Devolution: English Devolution Inquiry.


At 09.30am:

  • Rt Hon Andy Burnham, Mayor of Manchester Combined Authority;
  • Jamie Driscoll, Mayor of North of Tyne Combined Authority.

At 10.30am (approx.)

  • Aldr Roy Perry, Chair, South East Councils and Alderman for Hampshire County Council;
  • Cllr John Fuller OBE, Chair of the District Council Network;
  • Cllr Martin Tett, Leader of Buckinghamshire Council.

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