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Post appointment hearing with Independent Adviser on Ministers’ Interests, Lord Geidt

11 May 2021

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee takes evidence from newly appointed Independent Adviser on Ministerial Standards, Lord Geidt.


Thursday 13 May, 10am

  • Lord Geidt, Independent Adviser on Ministerial Interests

Purpose of the session

The Independent Adviser on Ministerial Standards is appointed by the Prime Minister to advise ministers on conflicts of interest, investigate breaches of the Ministerial Code when instructed, and produce an annual report to the Prime Minister setting out activity for the year.

The session is an opportunity for the Committee to question Lord Geidt on his remit and priorities for the role.

Given heightened interest in how propriety in public office can be ensured, following collapse of Greensill Capital, the Committee is likely to examine if the role has sufficient powers to ensure public confidence.

Further information

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