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Call for evidence in covid-19 certification inquiry

23 March 2021

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee issues a call for evidence for a new inquiry into covid-19 certification.

Terms of reference

The Government have announced a review into introducing a covid vaccine certificate system or "vaccine passports".

The Committee have launched an inquiry to consider potential  ethical, legal and operational issues and the efficacy and appropriateness of a certificate system. 

Background to the inquiry

'Vaccine certificates' would provide proof of vaccination to confirm an individual is at lower risk of suffering severe covid symptoms.

However it is not yet known what effect the vaccine has on transmission.

It has been proposed that certification could become a pre-requisite for accessing some services, public areas and even employment.

Proponents of such a scheme argue that it would speed up the reopening of the economy, reduce restrictions on social contact and improve public safety.

However, there are concerns that it would be difficult to operate, be ineffective in reducing infection and place needless restrictions on civil liberties.

The Government recently wrote to the Committee indicating its intention to undertake a review "to consider to what extent certification would be effective in reducing risk".

It will announce its findings in advance of step 4 of its roadmap out of lockdown which will not be before 21 June.

The Committee took evidence from witnesses including David Davis MP and Big Brother Watch on Tuesday 23 March.

Submit evidence

The Committee welcomes evidence on the issues set out in the Terms of Reference. You can find out more about how to give evidence by visiting the inquiry page. 

If you have direct experience of the issues we investigate we would love to hear from you.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 3 May 2021 at 11.59pm.

Further information

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