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Committee asks architect of Fixed-term Parliaments Act and Cabinet Office about the Act’s repeal

20 July 2020

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee is to take evidence on the Fixed-term Parliaments Act (FtPA) 2011 from the minister responsible for introducing the Bill in 2011, Mark Harper MP, and the current Minister of State, Cabinet Office, Chloe Smith MP.

Both the Government and the Opposition have committed to repealing the FtPA.

Purpose of the session

Members of the Committee will explore the original purpose of the FtPA with Mark Harper, and get his assessment of its operation.

The Committee are likely to ask Chloe Smith questions on the way in which the Government intends to repeal the FtPA and what might replace it to ensure that any new arrangements are long lasting. The session will also investigate the Government’s plans for the statutory review committee and whether new arrangements for prorogation are also needed following the Supreme Court’s decision in Miller/Cherry.

Chloe Smith MP is also likely to be asked further questions on her role and responsibilities in the Cabinet Office in areas including electoral law, and devolution. 


From 9.30am

  • Rt Hon Mark Harper MP, Parliamentary Secretary for the Cabinet Office and Minister for Political and Constitutional Reform 2010-012
  • Chloe Smith MP, Minister of State, Cabinet Office

Further information

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