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Facebook, Sky News and Reuters questioned on data transparency and accountability

18 January 2021

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee continues its inquiry into data transparency and accountability during the Covid-19 pandemic with evidence sessions featuring behavioural science experts and representatives of major media organisations.


At 9.30am

Panel 1

  • Dr David Halpern
  • Professor Stephen Reicher

Panel 2

  • Ed Conway, Economics Editor and Head of Data, Sky News
  • Richard Earley, Public Policy Manager, Facebook
  • Dr Richard Fletcher, Senior Research Fellow, Reuters Institute

First panel

The session examines how data is used by official sources to inform the general public about the impact of Covid-19 and encourage behaviours to mitigate the spread of the virus including adherence to lockdown measures.

Second panel

Investigates how traditional and new media outlets use data to report on Covid-19, as well as their wider approach to covering the pandemic. This is likely to include questions examining how the public access news, the role of social media and the impact of reporting on non-compliance with lockdown rules.

Further information

Image: PA