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Written submissions wanted on the role of Parliament in the constitution

13 September 2018

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee is launching a series of short inquiries under the umbrella theme of the role of Parliament in the UK constitution. Individual calls for evidence will be issued for each of these short, discrete inquiries as they are launched.

Call for written submissions

The Committee would like to receive submissions addressing both the short-term and long-term views of Parliament's role in the constitution. Issues under consideration as part of this inquiry include, but are not limited to;

  • the status of resolutions of the House of Commons;
  • what role Parliament should play in authorising the deployment of military force;
  • the continued relevance and utility of the doctrine of ministerial accountability;
  • the use of delegated legislation;
  • treaty negotiation and ratification;
  • the size of the Government and the Payroll Vote;
  • financial scrutiny of Government by Parliament;
  • Government control of the legislative timetable;
  • the impact of the reform and expansion of parliamentary select committees;
  • the nature and effectiveness of constitutional conventions in the parliamentary system;
  • Parliament's relationship with the courts in the light of the continuing development of administrative law.

The Committee seeks submissions which address the overall subject of the inquiry – the role of Parliament within the UK constitution. Submissions should be aimed at guiding the overall approach to the individual, short inquiries under the umbrella of this main theme.

In addition to the discrete issues already being considered by the Committee (set out in the bullet points above), we invite further suggestions for topics that we might cover in this series. Once a topic for a short inquiry is chosen, we will seek specific evidence for these inquiries through separate calls for evidence.

The committee invites evidence addressing:

  1. What are the most important issues when considering the role of Parliament in the constitution?
  2. What are the most important areas in which the relationship between Parliament and the Government needs to be examined?
  3. In what ways have Parliament's and the Government's roles and responsibilities changed and how has this affected their relative powers?
  4. What should be the balance of power between Parliament and Government in the UK?
  5. How effectively have UK constitutional arrangements developed manage Parliament's dual roles of sustaining Government and challenging and holding Government to account?
  6. What international comparisons are most helpful in considering the role Parliament should play within the constitution?

The deadline for written submissions is 30 November 2018.

The Status of Resolutions of the House of Commons

Our first short inquiry in this series will focus on the status of resolutions of the House of Commons. We have issued terms of reference for this inquiry, which can be found here

Further information

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