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Committee question key government figures on UK Statistics Authority

21 March 2019

Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee continues its inquiry into the work of the UK Statistics Agency (UKSA), with witnesses from HM Treasury, the Bank of England, and the Office for Budget Responsibility.


Having heard from civil society, academic, media and former policymaking representatives about the usefulness of existing statistics, the Committee will in the second panel of the session question three key Government and decision-making figures as it continues its inquiry examining the role and performance of UKSA. The Committee will hear from the Chief Economic Adviser at HM Treasury, the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, and the Chairman of the Office for Budget Responsibility.  

Purpose of the session

The Committee is expected to explore what more UKSA could do to provide data that meets the needs of decision-makers, to what extent these important stakeholders are consulted on the utility of existing measures of inflation by UKSA, and whether UKSA's current governance structures are appropriate for delivering its aims and objectives.


Tuesday 26 March 2019, Grimond Room, Portcullis House

From 11am

  • Clare Lombardelli, Director General, Chief Economic Adviser, HM Treasury
  • Dr Ben Broadbent, Deputy Governor, Bank of England
  • Robert Chote, Chairman, Office for Budget Responsibility

Further information

Image: Creative Commons