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Petitions Committee

Commons Select Committee

The Petitions Committee considers e-petitions submitted on Parliament’s petitions website and public (paper) petitions presented to the House of Commons, engaging the public directly with the work of the House.

E-petitions website

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Committee news

E-petition debate on the legalisation of cannabis
House of Commons debates in Westminster Hall on Monday 12 October
9 October 2015
Launch of the new Petitions Committee
The Launch of the new Petitions Committee will take place on Wednesday 28 October 2015. It's a free event aimed at campaigners.
2 October 2015
Petition relating to migrants and refugees in the UK
Find out what happened in the House of Commons on the issue raised in this petition.
17 September 2015
Decisions of the Petitions Committee Tuesday 15 September 2015
Today's decisions by the Petitions Committee include referring an e-petition about sugary drinks, started by Jamie Oliver, to the House of Commons Health Committee.
15 September 2015
Contracts and conditions in the NHS and #WeNurses chat
Parliament debates e-petition on contracts and conditions in the NHS in Westminster Hall. #WeNurses online debate to inform MPs taking part.
9 September 2015
Committee schedules its first debates on e-petitions
The Petitions Committee made its first decisions on petitions, including scheduling two debates on petitions which reached 100,000 signatures or more.
8 September 2015
Committee opens consultation on its working methods
New Petitions Committee opens a consultation on its working methods
23 July 2015
New House of Commons and Government petitions website launched
New petitions website launched
20 July 2015
Helen Jones elected as Chair
Chair of Petitions Committee announced
18 June 2015
Chair nominations for Petitions Committee
Nominations close at 5pm on Wednesday 10 June
4 June 2015
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