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Government asks for public views on vaccines report

18 May 2018

Following calls from the Petitions Committee and meningitis charities, the Government has announced an accessible consultation to enable the public to share their views on the rules that help government make decisions on how to spend money on vaccines. 

Chair's comments

Chair of the Petitions Committee, Helen Jones MP, said:

"I am pleased that the Government has at last listened to concerns raised by the Petitions Committee and by charities and has accepted that it needs to do more to help the public understand the decisions it's making about vaccines. These are complex and technical issues, but they are of huge importance to the public, and it's only right that they should have a chance to share their views.

It's a shame it has taken the Government so long to engage with the public on this: more than 800,000 people signed a petition about the meningitis B vaccine more than two years ago. Even at this late stage, though, the Government has an opportunity to show that it is listening to the public's concerns."

Have your say on how the Government spends money on vaccines

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