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Inquiry: funding for research into brain tumours

19 October 2015

Following an e-petition, which was started on and reached over 14,000 signatures, the Petitions Committee is investigating the subject of funding for brain tumour research.

The Committee's aim is to collect information (evidence) for the Government and MPs as well as charity groups, healthcare professionals and the public on this issue. When it has looked at the evidence, the Committee will decide whether it wants to press for any action from the Government.

Why did the Petitions Committee decide to do an inquiry?

The Petitions Committee can take action on petitions received through and via the more traditional public petitioning system in the House of Commons. When making its decisions it takes the following  into account:

  • Number of signatures
  • Recent or expected work in Parliament on the issue
  • Topicality, including the breadth of interest among MPs

It first considered this petition at its meeting on Tuesday 15 September when it agreed to write to the Health Committee to ask if it was planning on looking into the issue. After receiving the Health Committee's response that it wasn't planning on looking into the issue, the Petitions Committee considered the petition again at its last meeting, Tuesday 13 October, when it agreed to conduct a short inquiry into the issue.

Get involved

As its first step, the Committee wants to hear the personal stories which have inspired this petition. It has today opened a web comment-thread for people to share their experiences. The thread will be open for ten days, following which the Committee will organise a short series of oral evidence sessions.

About the Committee

The Petitions Committee was formed in July 2015 following the establishment of a new jointly owned UK Parliament and Government petitioning website, which replaced the previous Government e-petitions site. This is the first inquiry into a petition issue by the Petitions Committee.

Further information

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