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Contracts and conditions in the NHS and #WeNurses chat

9 September 2015

On Monday 14 September, the House of Commons will debate the underlying issue behind its first e-petition since the election to reach 100,000 signatures. The debate will be on the motion, "That this House has considered the e-petition relating to contracts and conditions in the NHS". The debate was scheduled by the new Petitions Committee.

How to get involved:

Have your say in the online twitter chat #WeNurses

On Friday 11 September from 2-3pm, there will be an online chat hosted and led by the online community @WeNurses, the lead account for @WeDocs and other @We accounts which are all healthcare related.

The online discussion will focus on issues surrounding contracts and conditions in the NHS.

The Petitions Committee staff team will be on hand to answer any questions about the Committee and how it works.

Alternatively, you could contact your MP directly to tell them why this debate is important to you and suggest any points you would like them to raise.

Watch the debate online:

You can watch the debate live from 4.30pm on Monday 14 September:

After the debate, the video will be available permanently from this page. A transcript of the debate will also become available and appear on this page a couple of days afterwards.

Attend the debate:

All debates in Westminster Hall are open to the public. Please note that spaces are limited and allocated on a first-come first-seated basis.

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