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Launch of the new Petitions Committee

2 October 2015

On Wednesday 28 October, the Petitions Committee held its official launch event for campaigners and the public.

MPs who sit on the Petitions Committee explained how the new petitions system works including:

  • How petitions can help your organisation get its voice heard
  • How to ensure your petitions are as effective as possible
  • What the difference is between public (paper) and e-petitions and which one to use
  • What happens to your petitions after they're submitted and what they can achieve

The event finished with a live Q&A session. Questions were invited via Twitter to @HoCpetitions

Aim of the event

This particular event was aimed at campaigners, charities, and those who work with communities of people, helping them to get their voices heard. It was the first of  many events planned across the country to help people understand how they can use petitions.

Future events

The Committee will also be joining other events across the country with Parliament's Outreach Service, helping more people to understand how they can participate in the work of Parliament. Events will be announced on the website and the Committee's Twitter account @HoCpetitions

More information:

The new Petitions Committee in the House of Commons oversees both public (paper) petitions and e-petitions from the new site, which is now jointly owned by Government and the House of Commons. It has the power to investigate certain petitions, schedule debates in Parliament and provide feedback to petitioners on outcomes and related activity in Parliament.

Image: Parliamentary copyright