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Helen Jones elected as Chair

18 June 2015

Helen Jones has been elected as Chair of the new Petitions Committee.

The Petitions Committee is a brand new select committee, which will look at both e-petitions and paper petitions. There will be a new e-petitions website, jointly owned by the House of Commons and the Government. MPs will also continue to be able to present paper petitions.

The Petitions Committee will look at both kinds of petition and decide whether to take any action, such as:

  • ask petitioners for more information about their petition, in person or in writing;
  • refer a petition to the relevant select committee;
  • ask for more information from the Government, orally or in writing, on the subject of a petition; and/or
  • put forward petitions for debate.

The Chair of the Committee, Helen Jones MP, said:

“With the brand new Petitions Committee we have a really exciting opportunity for the public to make sure their views are heard by MPs and Ministers. It will be an accessible way for people to see democracy in action and learn more about how it works.

I am looking forward to working with the rest of the Committee to find new and innovative ways—alongside some traditional methods—for us to engage with the concerns that people raise in petitions. When people sign a petition, they will also have an opportunity to learn more about the work that Parliament does on their behalf.”

The remaining members of the Committee will nominated by the House in the coming weeks.

Breakdown of result

Total of 1st round votes: 558

1st round
Helen Jones307Elected
Nick Smith251
Not redistributed-

Image: Dods/Parliamentary copyright