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BTEC qualifications to be debated by MPs

13 July 2022

MPs will debate a petition relating to BTEC qualifications on Monday 18 July. 

Marsha De Cordova MP, a member of the Petitions Committee, has been asked by the Committee to open the debate. MPs from all parties can take part. Alex Burghardt MP, Minister for Skills at the Department for Education, will respond for the Government.

Protect student choice: do not withdraw funding for BTEC qualifications

The petition, which received more than 108,000 signatures, states: “Reverse the plan to withdraw funding for most applied general qualifications such as BTECs and guarantee they will continue to play a major role in the qualifications landscape. Students should not be forced to choose between studying A levels or T levels from the age of 16.”

In its response to the petition, provided on 17 August 2021, the Government said: “The Government is streamlining and improving the quality of post-16 qualifications. We will fund a range of qualifications in addition to T Levels and A levels, which may include some BTECs.”

What are petitions debates?

Petitions debates are 'general' debates which allow MPs from all parties to discuss the important issues raised by one or more petitions, and put their concerns to Government Ministers.

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Image: Redd via Unsplash