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Petitions Committee asks the Government for more information on its policy on breed specific legislation

22 June 2022

MPs on the Petitions Committee have written to DEFRA Minister Jo Churchill MP about breed specific legislation following a petitions debate on 6 June.

In the letter dated 21 June, Catherine McKinnell MP, Chair of the Committee, and Christina Rees MP,  a member of the Committee, ask the Minister to provide more detailed responses to several questions she was asked during a recent parliamentary debate on a petition relating to breed specific legislation. The letter asks the Minister:

  • Will the Government gather new evidence on breed specific legislation, to inform decisions about reforming this
  • How the Government will ensure that the welfare needs of all dogs held in kennels under the Dangerous Dogs Act are met
  • If the Government will consider allowing the rehoming of all dogs seized under the Act by responsible, reputable, rehoming organisations, where the dog has been found to pose no danger to the public
  • What the Government is doing to increase uptake by the police of the interim exemption scheme, which allows a dog to be released and returned to its owner pending a court hearing
  • If the Government will reform the law so that the dog is not subject to contingent destruction order, or any other requirements that do not apply to other dogs, where a dog has been found by the court not to pose a danger to the public

The Government’s response will be published on the Committee’s website, and shared with petitioners, when it is received.

Debate on breed specific legislation

On Monday 6 June, MPs debated a petition calling for breed specific legislation to be repealed. The debate was opened by Christina Rees, and DEFRA Minister Jo Churchill MP responded for the Government.