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Decisions of the Petitions Committee, 21 June 2022

21 June 2022

On 21 June 2022 the Committee considered e-petition which had received over 100,000 signatures. The Committee also considered e-petitions that had received over 10,000 signatures and received a Government response, and public petitions that had received a Government observation.

Petitions with over 100,000 signatures

1. Suspend trade agreement with Faroe Islands until all whale & dolphin hunts end
The Committee agreed to debate this petition on 11 July 2022.

Petitions with over 10,000 signatures

1. Increase statutory maternity pay in line with cost of living crisis
The Committee noted this response.

2. Introduce independent body to enforce the ministerial code on ministers
The Committee noted this response.

3. Do not build two new prisons at Wethersfield Air Base
The Committee noted this response.

4. Ban the sale and use of artificial grass for residential properties
The Committee noted this response.

Public petitions and observations

1. Abuse of short-term lettings (Nickie Aiken)

2. Industrial waste (Karen Bradley)

The Committee noted these petitions and the Government’s observations.

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