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Taxes on motor fuel to be debated by MPs

19 May 2022

On Monday 23 May, MPs will debate a petition relating to taxes on motor fuel.

Tonia Antoniazzi MP, a member of the Petitions Committee, has been asked by the Committee to open the debate. MPs from all parties can take part, and Helen Whately MP, a minister at the Treasury, will respond for the Government.

How rising fuel costs are affecting petitioners

Ahead of this debate, the Petitions Committee conducted a survey of petitioners to hear how recent increases in the cost of fuel are affecting them. From the survey, the Committee found that:

  • Despite rising costs, many respondents said they have to drive for their job, or to access essential services
  • 62% of respondents said rising fuel costs have had a 'significant effect' on their social life
  • 38% said fuel prices have had a 'significant effect' on their ability to do their job or run their business
  • Many respondents told us they are having to make difficult sacrifices to get by
  • Many called for the Government to do more to reduce the cost of driving

A full summary of responses has been published.

Reduce fuel duty and VAT by 40% for a period of 2 years

The petition, which has more than 102,000 signatures, states: “The Government should reduce the cost of fuel through a reduction of 40% in fuel duty and VAT for 2 years. This can effectively offset the rise in fuel prices since 2020.”

In response to the petition, provided on 17 November 2021, the Government said: “The Government is taking targeted action to help families across the UK with the cost of living, which includes freezing fuel duty in 2022-23, the twelfth consecutive year.”

What are petitions debates?

Petitions debates are 'general' debates which allow MPs from all parties to discuss the important issues raised by one or more petitions, and put their concerns to Government Ministers.

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