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Covid-19 vaccination requirements for employees to be debated by MPs

20 January 2022

On Monday 24 January, MPs will debate a petition relating to requirements for employees to be vaccinated against Covid-19

Martyn Day MP, a member of the Petitions Committee, has been asked by the Committee to open the debate. MPs from all parties can take part, and the Government will send a minister to respond.

Prohibit employers from requiring staff to be vaccinated against Covid-19

The petition, which has more than 170,000 signatures, states: “Make it illegal for any employer to mandate vaccination for its employees. This should apply to all public sector (including the NHS, armed forces, care workers), third sector and all private sector.”

In response to the petition, provided on 25 November 2021, the Government said: “Organisations’ practices must be lawful and not discriminate. Government has identified limited settings where there is a public health rationale for making vaccination a condition of deployment.”

What are petitions debates?

Petitions debates are 'general' debates which allow MPs from all parties to discuss the important issues raised by one or more petitions, and put their concerns to Government Ministers.

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Image: Daniel Schludi/Unsplash