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Petitions Committee questioned experts on maternal mental health, adoption and childcare

20 May 2020

This Mental Health Awareness Week, the Petitions Committee held an evidence session on the impact of lockdown on maternal mental health, access to childcare, and maternity pay.


The evidence session, held at 9.30am on Thursday 21 May, followed the Petitions Committee's previous evidence session prompted by a petition calling on the Government to  'Extend maternity leave by 3 months with pay in light of COVID-19', which has gathered over 220,000 signatures.

The session was part of the Petitions Committee's ongoing inquiry into coronavirus. Recently, a series of parliamentary petitions relating to coronavirus have received more than 3.6 million signatures.


To address these crucial issues, the Petitions Committee question:ed


The Committee's questions on this issue were informed by three surveys of petitioners which have received over 43,200 responses altogether, so far.


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Image: Pixabay