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Parliament's petitions website has re-opened

2 March 2020

The petitions website, co-owned by the UK Parliament and Government, has now re-opened following the formation of a new Petitions Committee

The Petitions Committee is set up by the House of Commons to look at e-petitions submitted on and public (paper) petitions presented to the House of Commons. The Committee has the power to schedule and lead debates, conduct inquiries, and hold the Government to account for their response to petitions. 

Petitions which reach over 10,000 signatures receive a formal Government response. Petitions which reach over 100,000 signatures are automatically considered for debate by the Committee. Petition debates are held on sitting Mondays for up to 3 hours from 4.30pm. They can be watched live at or at   

Chair's comments

Chair of the Petitions Committee, Catherine McKinnell MP commented: 

“I'm delighted that the UK Parliament and Government petitions website has now re-opened following the General Election. Since launching in 2015, over 23 million people have used the site to have their voice heard in Parliament. As Chair of the Petitions Committee, I look forward to supporting the public to raise awareness of their causes in Parliament and help bring about real change to communities across the UK.” 

Starting a petition 

If you are a British citizen or UK resident with a valid email address, you can start or sign a petition at  

Get help starting your petition: 

Make sure your petition meets the required standards so it has the best chance of being published.  

Find out more 

More information on the role, membership, and work of the Petitions Committee can be found at

Follow the latest updates from the Petitions Committee, including news of upcoming petition debates and inquiries, at

Further information

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