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Petitions Committee

Commons Select Committee

The Petitions Committee considers e-petitions submitted on Parliament’s petitions website and public (paper) petitions presented to the House of Commons, engaging the public directly with the work of the House.

E-petitions website

These pages only show information for this committee from the start of 2020 onwards. Earlier information can be found on the previous version of the UK Parliament website.

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Latest publications

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Letter to the Secretary of State for DCMS relating to arrangements for UK artists and musicians touring in the EU
Work E-petition session: Arrangements for touring professionals and artists in the EU (Non-inquiry session)
Committees Petitions Committee
HC 1166
Letter to the Prime Minister relating to the hospitality industry
Work Public engagement on e-petitions (Non-inquiry session)
Committees Petitions Committee
HC 546
Letter to the Secretary of State for Work and Pension relating to child food poverty
Inquiry Child Food Poverty
Committees Petitions Committee
HC 1112

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  • Phone: (General) 0207 219 4887 / For media enquiries contact Nicole Le Marie, Media Relations Manager and Hannah Olbison, Senior Media Relations Officer, at and 0207 219 0969