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Caroline Nokes appointed Committee Chair

8 July 2015

The Speaker of the House of Commons has appointed Caroline Nokes MP to Chair the Speaker's Advisory Committee on Works of Art.

Caroline Nokes has accepted the Speaker's invitation to Chair the Speaker's Advisory Committee on Works of Art for the 2015-2020 Parliament.

Chair's comments

Caroline Nokes MP said:

"Who is represented on the walls in Parliament is important – not only to the current Members of Parliament, but to those who visit and aspire to sit in the House of Commons in the future. I look forward to leading the new Committee in this Parliament, and to the projects the Committee will undertake in continuing to develop the collection for the nation."

Speaker's comments

John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons, said:

"I am delighted that Caroline will Chair the Works of Art Committee having been an active member in the last Parliament. As one of the Committee's key objectives is to increase the representation of women in the collection, it is all the more fitting that she will be the first woman to chair the committee since its creation in 1956."

Image: Parliamentary copyright