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Committee to hear from Leader of the House in Code of Conduct inquiry

14 April 2021

The Committee on Standards will hear from the Rt Hon Jacob Rees-Mogg MP as part of the ongoing inquiry into the Code of Conduct for MPs.


Wednesday 14 April, 3.15pm

Purpose of the session

The public evidence session is the latest step in the Committee's inquiry into the Code.

The evidence gathered will contribute towards the first stage of a multi-stage review process, announced in September last year, in preparing a refreshed text of the Code of Conduct, and the associated Guide to the Rules, for approval by the House.

The stages of the review process will include:

  • Public evidence sessions
  • A separate review by the Independent Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards which will complement the Committee's work
  • An initial report by the Committee which will include a revised text of the Code, for public consultation
  • Following the public consultation, the Standards Committee will propose a final revised text for recommendation to the House
  • The review process will also incorporate consideration of possible changes to the Guide to the Rules which will also need to be put before the House for its approval.

The most recent review of the Code was completed in 2015. For various reasons it was not possible to complete a review of the Code in the two recent short Parliaments, those of 2015-17 and 2017-19.

However, the previous Commissioner for Standards, Kathryn Hudson, and subsequently an informal sub-committee of the Standards Committee both carried out valuable work which the present inquiry will take fully into account.

Further information

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