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Dr Michael Maguire - Committee on Standards lay member

25 March 2021

Between 2012 - 2019 Dr Maguire was Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland. The Office of the Police Ombudsman is responsible for all public complaints into the Police Service of Northern Ireland. As Police Ombudsman he was responsible misconduct and criminal investigations into police officers, including high profile investigations into contemporary policing and allegations into criminality and misconduct within the Royal Ulster Constabulary during the Northern Ireland conflict. The Office of the Police Ombudsman has been characterised as one of the most independent and robust civilian police oversight bodies in the world.  

Prior to joining PONI Dr Maguire was the Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice in Northern Ireland responsible for inspection into the main justice agencies including police, prisons, probation services, courts administration, public prosecution service, youth justice and 3rd sector organisations in receipt of government funding. Key inspections included the factors influencing avoidable delay within the criminal justice system, the development of community policing in Northern Ireland, a range of inspections into the Northern Ireland Prison Service, and the investigation and the prosecution of sexual and domestic violence cases.

He was a Visiting Professor (Practice) in Monash University, Melbourne and an Honorary Professor, George Mitchell Institute for Peace, Security and Justice, The Queens University of Belfast. Prior to CJINI Dr Maguire spent 18 years (10 as Partner in a Global Consulting Firm) as a management consultant specialising in strategy and organisational development. He is also a Lay Member of the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal in Ireland.

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