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SLSC Routine scrutiny of all instruments

25 February 2020

The Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee (SLSC) meets every week to examine the policy merits of all secondary legislation that has been laid before Parliament.

This includes instruments that have gone through the sifting process and have been laid before Parliament.


The Committee normally considers SIs within 12-16 days of their being laid before Parliament. Any instruments that the Committee finds to be interesting, flawed or inadequately explained by the Government are published in a weekly report for the attention of the House. The Committee's reports can be found on our page and more information on the Committee's criteria for reporting can be found in our terms of reference.


The Committee's scrutiny role is advisory; it does not seek to recommend courses of action on these instruments, and its reports are published only to provide information for members of the House. The 12-16 day period leaves time for any Member of the House to pursue any issues raised in the report. Members can do this by asking a question or tabling a motion for debate within the 40 day ''prayer'' period for rejecting negative instruments.

The Committee's weekly report also provides information on other significant instruments of the week. This information is also available in our Weekly Alert email, which can be subscribed to by emailing

The instruments currently being considered are published each week on our website:

The Committee welcomes submissions from the public on instruments; please see our ‘Writing to us about an instrument' page for more information.