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Operation of the Parliamentary Standards Act 2009 report published

12 December 2011

The Committee on Members' Expenses publishes its report on how the independent system for reimbursing MPs' costs is working.


The committee emphasises:

  • the importance of independent regulation of that system
  • the continuing need for transparency
  • the need for value for money

It concludes that the aims set out for the new system in 2009 were the right ones but have not been sufficiently achieved. In particular, the cost to the taxpayer is too high and the time spent dealing with the system hinders MPs in performing their parliamentary duties, to the detriment of constituents and the country.


Proposals include:

  • separating the administrative and regulatory roles of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA)
  • improving the transparency of IPSA's publication of claims
  • a cost-benefit analysis of how the accommodation and travel part of the system could be simplified.

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