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Defence Committee welcomes assurances on HMS Albion and Bulwark

26 January 2024

The Defence Committee welcomes the news that amphibious assault ships HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark will remain in service well into the 2030s, as confirmed by Ministers in the House of Commons Chamber yesterday.

As a result of these assurances, the Committee has decided to postpone its session, planned for next week, on UK amphibious capabilities and the Royal Marines.

Chair of the Defence Committee, Sir Jeremy Quin MP, said:

“I and my colleagues on the Defence Committee welcome the Government’s clear and unequivocal assurances that neither HMS Albion nor HMS Bulwark will be mothballed or scrapped before their out-of-service dates in 2033-34.

“We had called next week’s evidence session because this vital capability seemed to be under imminent threat. It’s right for us now to postpone the session. We are seeking further information from the Secretary of State for Defence and will not hesitate to return to this issue if it becomes necessary again.

“We look forward to seeing the direction of the First Sea Lord’s plan for the Royal Marines and will continue to monitor broader concerns around recruitment and retention.”

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Image: Crown copyright/MoD