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Defence Committee opens new call for evidence on Women in the Armed Forces

3 October 2022

Today, the Defence Committee issues a new call for evidence as part of a follow-up to its inquiry on Women in the Armed Forces.

The call for evidence aims to find out more about relevant changes in the Armed Forces over the last year. The MOD has confirmed that current service personnel are permitted to give evidence. The Committee is also especially interested to hear from veterans and from organisations with links to multiple service personnel and veterans, such as families’ federations and NGOs.

This November the Committee plans to hold an evidence session, hearing from a Minister from the Ministry of Defence, to assess the Government’s progress on the recommendations of the report “Protecting Those Who Protect Us: Women in the Armed Forces from Recruitment to Civilian Life”.

In the Government response to the report the Ministry of Defence agreed with many of the Committee’s recommendations.

The Committee welcomes written evidence on one or more of the following points: 

  • How much change has there been in the last year, when it comes to improving the experiences of female Service personnel and/or female veterans?
  • What specific changes are you aware of?
  • Are there areas where you hope to see more change? Do you see ‘easy wins’ for the Services/MOD?
  • What has helped or hindered change? 

Form of written evidence: 

Submissions should be no longer than 3,000 words. Each submission should contain:

  • a short summary, perhaps in bullet point form;
  • a brief introduction about the person or organisation submitting evidence
  • any factual information from which the Committee might be able to draw conclusions

Submissions should be in malleable format such as MS Word (not PDFs) with no use of colour or logos.

Guidance on submitting written evidence and data protection information is available here: Guidance on Submitting Written Evidence

Deadline for submissions 

The Committee is asking for initial written evidence to be submitted through the Committee’s web portal by 17 October 2022.


We encourage members of underrepresented groups to submit written evidence.

Further information

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