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Defence Committee publishes letter from MOD on Navy

29 June 2022

Today, the Defence Committee publishes correspondence from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) responding to questions from the Committee on the Navy and Naval procurement. The correspondence follows the Committee’s report “We are going to need a bigger Navy” and the subsequent Government response.


The MOD’s response reveals that the RFA Argus, the Primary Casualty Receiving Ship, launched in 1980, will now be extended in service beyond 2030. This follows the Committee’s identification of a capability gap for fleet medical facilities until the Multi Role Support Ships are due in the early 2030s.

The MOD’s letter proposes a date for the first annual report to the Committee on shipbuilding and ship availability: October 2022.

The letter also confirms that two streams of the Type 45 PIP will now be carried out concurrently and contains replies to the Committee’s questions on Surface to Surface Guided Weapon capability, Littoral strike shipping and submarines.

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Image: MoD