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Space Defence: industry representatives to give evidence to Defence Committee

7 September 2021

At 14.30, on 7 September, the Defence Committee will hear from representatives from the space sector’s trade body, UKspace, followed by witnesses from Airbus and KISPE Space Systems LtdE.

The session is part of the Committee’s inquiry into space defence, examining the emergence of space as a military domain and the Government’s approach to developing and protecting the UK’s defence space capabilities.

For the first panel, the Committee will hear from two representatives from UKspace, Chair, Nick Shave, and Vice-Chair of the Security and Defence Committee, Nik Smith. The first panel will likely focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the UK space industry, scope for the Ministry of Defence (MOD) working more collaboratively with industry, the steps that could be taken to reduce threats to space-based assets and the effects of delays to the publication of the National and Defence Space Strategies.

Richard Franklin, Managing Director of Airbus Defence and Space, and Anita Bernie, Strategy and Execution Lead at KISPE Space Systems Ltd, will appear for the second panel. Questions will likely cover the current structure and diversity of the UK defence space sector, what can be done to encourage innovation and support new entrants and SMEs in the sector, and how the MOD can more effectively draw on the expertise of industry when developing its future space defence policy and programmes.


Tuesday 7 September 2021

At 2.30pm:

Panel 1

  • Nick Shave, Chair, UKspace

  • Nik Smith, Vice-Chair, Security and Defence Committee, UKspace

Panel 2

  • Anita Bernie, Strategy and Execution Lead, KISPE Space Systems Ltd

  • Richard Franklin, Managing Director, Airbus Defence and Space

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