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Experts questioned on Space Defence

9 July 2021

The Defence Committee session will likely include questions on the threat that China and Russia present in the space domain, potential scope for increased international co-operation and “burden sharing” with allies, and delays to the National Space Strategy. 


13 July 2021

At 2.30pm

  • Dr Mark Hilborne, Lecturer in Defence Studies, King’s College London
  • Dr Mark Presley, Consultant on space policy and strategy, MAP Analytica

The Committee will speak to two witnesses: Dr Mark Hilborne and Dr Mark Presley. Dr Mark Hilborne is a lecturer at King’s College London in the Defence Studies Department. His research interests and publications concentrate on security, strategic stability and arms control, with a focus on outer space as well as nuclear deterrence and proliferation. Dr Hilborne is also the convenor of the Space Security Research Group at King’s. In addition to publishing on space security issues, Dr Hilborne has been involved with a number of discussions with the Ministry of Defence (MoD), Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and other governmental offices on UK space policy, and has appeared in TV, radio and newspaper media.

Dr Presley is the founder and Director of MAP Analytica, providing independent consultancy on space policy and strategy, with recent clients including the MoD and the UK Space Agency. Dr Presley has over 20 years of experience in space surveillance. He led RAF Fylingdales space surveillance operations, worked closely across the US space community, and in the MoD worked with UK space industry partners in detailing future space surveillance concepts, capability, and structures. In the Cabinet Office, he led the Horizon Scanning Team with a focus on the role of space within the National Security Strategy and contributed to the shaping of national space policy.

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