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Committee publishes Government response to pandemic report

9 July 2021

The Defence Committee publishes the Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) response to the Committee’s report “Manpower or mindset: Defence’s contribution to the UK’s pandemic response”, which addresses the key recommendations of the report.

The response recognises the key contribution that the Armed Forces made to the pandemic response, but does not confirm plans for a covid-19 (Operation Rescript) medallic recognition or changes to pay.

The MoD states that it is “committed to a frank and rigorous review of its response to the pandemic and has begun a formal lessons identification process to evaluate performance and inform future improvements to its crisis response arrangements” but does not comment on the Defence Committee’s call for a formal public enquiry into the disconnect between the assessment of the threat of an infectious disease outbreak, and the likelihood of this event.

Despite the Defence Committee’s view that the Armed Forces were used to correct deficiencies in the wider Government response to the pandemic, the MoD describes the Military Aid to Civil Authorities (MACA) process as “well-defined”.

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Image: OGL (Open Government License)