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NATO and US-UK defence relations examined by Defence Committee

29 January 2021

Looking within the context of a new US Administration and the UK’s departure from the European Union, the Defence Committee will explore the challenges and opportunities for strengthening NATO, US and UK defence relations.


Tuesday 2 February, 2.30pm

  • Lord Darroch KCMG, former UK Ambassador to Washington (2016–2019) and National Security Adviser (2012–15)
  • Dr Charles Kupchan, Senior Fellow, Council of Foreign Relations and Former Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (2014–2017) and Director for European Affairs, US National Security Council (1993–1994).
  • Sir Adam Thomson KCMG, Director of the European Leadership Network and former UK Permanent Representative to NATO (2014–2016)
  • Ambassador Douglas Lute, Former US Permanent Representative (2013-17) at NATO(virtual)

Purpose of the session

The session will explore the likely change in approach of the Biden Administration.

The new Administration is expected to re-engage with multilateral organisations, agreements and treaties.

It is also expected to conduct a more internationalist foreign policy and repair relations with allies, as well as the potential lasting impact of President Trump’s 'America First' policies.

The session will examine the UK as an ally to the US and the policies that may enhance the US-UK defence relationship, as well as the role of NATO.

Further information

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