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Defence to hold session on mental health of Armed Forces and Veterans

8 January 2021

On Tuesday 12 January, the Defence Committee will hold a follow up session on Armed Forces and Veterans’ Mental Health, reflecting on any updates since the Committee’s reports on mental health were released in the last parliament.

Purpose of the session

The session will seek information on the mental health treatment available for veterans and members of the Armed Forces.

They will examine whether the Ministry of Defence and other Government Departments have improved their performance in this area since the report.

The session will also focus on whether additional challenges of the pandemic have been met and the provision of diagnosis and treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury.

Mental health and the Armed Forces

This session follows two reports in the last parliament, the first focusing on the scale of mental health issues, and the second addressing the provision of care.


Tuesday 12 January

At 2.30pm

At 3.15pm

Further information

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