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Minutes of meeting

19 October 2016


Minutes of Meeting on Tuesday 18 October 2016

Members of the Commission present:

Sir Edward Leigh, in the Chair
Mr Richard Bacon
Meg Hillier
Mr Andrew Tyrie

Apologies:   Deirdre Brock, Nicholas Brown, James Cartlidge and David Lidington

1.   The formal appointment of non-executive members of the NAO Board

In line with an agreement made at its meeting in December 2014, the Commission asked the Chair of the Board and nominees to attend the Commission prior to their appointment being confirmed.

The Commission appointed Janet Eilbeck and Greg Parston as non-executive members of the NAO Board with effect from 20 October 2016 for initial terms ending on 19 October 2019. The Commission agreed remuneration in-line with existing non-executive members of the NAO Board.

Secretary to the Public Accounts Commission

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