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MPs want to hear people’s experiences of children’s social care

11 April 2024

MPs on the Education Committee want to hear from people with lived experience of social services as part of their investigation into how the Government could improve children’s social care. 

The cross-party Committee today (11 April) launches a survey that asks care leavers of all ages about the help they received whilst in care and the types of accommodation they lived in, such as foster care, kinship, residential or adoption. 

There are also questions that will help the MPs learn about the types of support young people receive, including for their mental wellbeing, a disability, with their finances or help to find work or education. The Committee wants to hear whether that support was helpful or how it could be improved. 

The survey will form part of the Committee’s ongoing inquiry into children’s social care. Survey responses will be anonymised to ensure participants’ safety and their peace of mind. 

Chair comment

Education Committee Chair Robin Walker MP said: 

“My colleagues and I have been receiving detailed evidence from experts and professionals in children’s social care, but our inquiry wouldn’t be complete without hearing from people who have been through the system themselves. Whether their first-hand experiences were good or bad, hearing their reflections and their ideas about how to improve the system will be a huge help to us. At the end of our inquiry we will make detailed recommendations to the Government on how to do just that. So it’s vital that we can be properly informed by the people who really matter – young people the system is designed to help.” 

Further information

Image: House of Commons