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Committee takes evidence on administration of examinations

18 January 2012

The Commons Education Committee scrutinises witnesses to explore the strengths and weaknesses of the UK examination system and looks at how the system holds up when compared to other countries.


Wednesday 18 January 2012

Committee Room 15, Palace of Westminster

At 9.30am (public)

  •  Jo-Anne Baird, Pearson Professor & Director of the Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment
  • Michelle Meadows, Director, Centre for Education Research and Policy, AQA
  • Tim Oates, Group Director, Assessment Research and Development, Cambridge Assessment
  • Alison Wolf, Sir Roy Griffiths Professor of Public Sector Management, King's College London

At approximately 10.30am

  • Stephen J Ball FBA AcSS, British Academy
  • Professor Sir John Holman,  Fellow for Education, Wellcome Trust
  • Professor Graham Hutchings FRS, SCORE Chair
  • Warwick Mansell, freelance journalist

Purpose of the session

The aim of the session is to explore the strengths and weaknesses of the UK examination system, how the system to compares to other countries, and the benefits and drawbacks of possible reforms, such as a single exam board or a franchised system.

The committee will also consider how learned societies might become more involved in the content and design of A level examinations, as proposed in the 2010 White Paper The Importance of Teaching.

Further Information

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