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Examination bodies and exams regulator questioned on exam results

11 October 2022

The Education Committee questions examination bodies and the exams regulator on result delays and errors in this year’s exams.


Wednesday 12 October 2022

At 9.30am

  • Dr Jo Saxton, Chief Regulator, Ofqual
  • Jill Duffy, Chief Executive, OCR
  • Mike Howells, President, Workforce Skills, Pearson UK
  • David Hughes, Chief Executive, Association of Colleges

Over 10,000 BTEC results and 3,200 Cambridge Technical results were late, delaying students from confirming college and university places and excluding some from the clearing system. Multiple errors were found in papers, including a question that was inaccessible to colourblind pupils and a map of Africa labelling Gabon as the Republic of Congo.

MPs are also expected to examine the 2022 exam results compared to previous years, as well as the recently announced proposals for next year’s exams. The Committee is also likely to ask about the regional attainment gap as London and the South East achieved a higher proportion of top grades than the North East.

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