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Education Committee to question Ministers Nick Gibb MP and Baroness Berridge

28 April 2021

The Education Committee will question Schools Minister Nick Gibb MP and Minister for the School System Baroness Berridge during a ministerial accountability session on Thursday 29 April at 9.30am.

Purpose of the session

The first part of the session with Minister Gibb is likely to focus on the impact of Covid-19 and the Government’s catch-up programme. The Committee will then move on to questioning Baroness Berridge about her role and responsibilities, which include safeguarding in schools, home education and University Technical Colleges.


Thursday 29 April

Panel 1 at 9.30am

  • The Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP, Minister of State for School Standards
  • Julia Kinniburgh, Director General, Covid Response and Recovery
  • Mike Pettifer, Director, Covid Response Unit, Department for Education

Panel 2 at around 10.30am

  • Baroness Berridge of The Vale of Catmose, Minister for the School System
  • Stephanie Brivio, Director, Safeguarding and Children’s Social Care, Department for Education

Further information

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