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Education Committee to question Dame Sally Coates in inquiry’s first oral evidence session

16 April 2021

The Education Committee will question Dame Sally Coates, who led the last Government-commissioned review into education in prisons, during the first oral evidence session of the inquiry into prison education and support for learners in custody.

Dame Sally’s 2016 report set out recommendations on how to improve education in prisons and its role in the rehabilitation of offenders. The session will be a chance to explore the changes in prison education that have occurred over the last five years. Also appearing before the Committee will be two other members of her review panel.

Purpose of the session

The Committee is likely to touch on the provision and resourcing of education and training and how prisoners are supported into apprenticeships and higher education. Members could also ask about support for prisoners with special educational needs and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on education in custody.

The inquiry is examining to what degree adults in prison and younger learners in custody can access suitable education that meets their needs, how effective current arrangements are in ensuring prisoners continue in training and employment on release and how this reduces reoffending. 

The inquiry links into the Committee’s overall aims and work examining the issues faced by left behind groups and how education can support everyone to ensure they have the opportunity to succeed in life.


Tuesday 20th April 2021

At 10am

  • Dame Sally Coates DBE, led the 2016 review into Prison Education  
  • Rod Clark, former Chief Executive Officer, Prisoners’ Education Trust
  • Peter Stanford, Director, Longford Trust   

Further information

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