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Benefits of educating children at home examined

19 March 2021

The Education Committee explores the benefits of educating children at home, as well as the challenges, and the role of local authorities and others in providing support to families choosing to home educate.


Tuesday 23 March, virtual meeting

At 10am

  • Wendy Charles-Warner, Trustee, Education Otherwise
  • Ellen Collier, Service Manager, Education Welfare Service, Social Care and Education, Leicester City Council
  • Dr Amber Fensham-Smith, Lecturer in Childhood and Youth Studies, The Open University
  • Victor Shafiee, Deputy Director, Unregistered and Independent Schools, Ofsted

The inquiry is focussed on elective home education, rather than the home schooling that many children who usually attend a school have received during the covid-19 pandemic.

Further information

Image: Unsplash/Green Chameleon