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Department of Education officials questioned on University Technical Colleges

18 March 2020

Education Committee member David Simmonds MP joined a Public Accounts Committee session to question Department for Education officials about progress on the Government's pledge to help University Technical Colleges (UTCs) improve their performance and financial stability.

 The hearing on Monday 16th March followed the publication of the NAO's October 2019 report on UTCs which found they have had budgetary and performance issues. UTCs have not attracted as many students as hoped, and the Education and Skills Funding Agency - EFSA - decided to formally intervene in eight UTCs that had financial notices placed on them, two of which then closed.

Mr Simmonds questioned Jonathan Slater, Permanent Secretary at the Department for Education along a number of lines. He asked about oversight of UTC finances, how to fill spaces at UTCs and about the trigger points for the Department taking an interest in the financial stability of an institution.

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