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Regional Schools Commissioners in the West Midlands

13 November 2015

The Education Committee holds an evidence session at Sidney Stringer Academy, Coventry, as part of its inquiry into the role of Regional Schools Commissioners (RSCs).


Tuesday 17 November, Sidney Stringer Academy, Coventry

At 2.00pm

  • Pank Patel, Regional Schools Commissioner, West Midlands
  • Lorna Fitzjohn, Regional Director (West Midlands), Ofsted
  • Ian Comfort, CEO, Academies Enterprise Trust
  • Kirston Nelson, Director of Education, Libraries, and Adult Learning, Coventry City Council 

Purpose of the session

The evidence session investigates issues around the expanding role of RSCs, their resources, impact and accountability and consider these factors in the context of the West Midlands region. The Committee hears from Pank Patel, Regional Schools Commissioner for the West Midlands, and a range of witnesses with roles relating to schools in the West Midlands region.

Regional Schools Commissioners were appointed in 2014 to work with school leaders to promote and monitor academies and free schools. The Education and Adoption Bill, currently going through Parliament, envisages an expanded role for Regional School Commissioners, giving RSCs greater powers to intervene in schools that are deemed to be struggling.

Chair's comment

 Neil Carmichael, Chair of the Education Committee, said:

"Given the increased role Regional Schools Commissioners will be playing in intervening in coasting and failing schools, it's right that as a Committee we closely examine their roles and how they work. We're keen to explore the relationships which RSCs have with Ofsted, local authorities, schools and local communities and our session in Coventry will help the Committee find out more about how well this is working in the West Midlands."

Further information

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