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Recruiting and retaining teachers will remain a significant challenge

2 May 2017

The Education Committee publishes a Government response to the Committee's recruitment and retention of teachers report. The Committee's original report had covered a range of issues relating to teacher recruitment and retention, highlighting concerns over teacher workload, the status of teachers, shortcomings in the Department for Education's teacher supply data, and the ability of teachers to undertake high quality continuing professional development (CPD).

Chair's comments

Commenting on the Government's response, Neil Carmichael, MP, Chair of the Education Committee, said:

"The problems of recruiting and retaining teachers will remain a significant challenge for schools over the coming years and the Government will need to focus on helping to tackle  issues such as teacher workload and access to continuing professional development. The next Government should set out clearly how it will encourage teachers to stay in the profession and ensure recruitment targets are improved."  

Further information

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