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Subjects for Debate in the Chamber on 5 December

29 November 2011

The Backbench Business Committee is responsible for scheduling debates on 35 days during the current session, at least 27 of which will be debates in the main Chamber of the House of Commons, with the remainder to be taken in Westminster Hall.

The Committee has determined that the following business will take place in backbench time:

Monday 5 December in the Chamber (full day):

Motion relating to Ministerial statements (Member in charge: Mr Philip Hollobone).

The Backbench Business Committee has scheduled this debate to enable Members to consider the recommendations of the Procedure Committee Report on Ministerial statements to Parliament.

Motion relating to UK extradition arrangements (Member in charge: Mr Dominic Raab) (for at least three hours).

Following a debate on this subject in Westminster Hall, there was support for further consideration of the UK’s extradition arrangements in advance of the Government’s response to the Baker review.