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Applications for Estimates Day Debates

2 February 2021

Backbench Members of Parliament are now able to apply to the Backbench Business Committee for debates in the Chamber on the public spending of Government Departments relating to the Estimates.

The Main Estimates for 2021-22 have been published and can be accessed in this House of Commons Library briefing.

Members wishing to apply for a debate on a Department's estimates should apply to the Backbench Business Committee using an application form.

Applications should be submitted to by 18.00 on Tuesday 15th June 2021.

The House's Scrutiny Unit finance team can answer any questions you may have on Estimates, Estimates Day debates on government spending generally. For further information on the Estimates, Members please contact the Scrutiny Unit on 0207 219 ext 1354, ext 8366 or ext 5767.

For further information on the application process Members should contact the Backbench Business Committee on 0207 219 5068.

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