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Government Industry Minister questioned on the industrial strategy

4 April 2017

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee continues its investigation into the role of UK science in the Industrial Strategy and hears evidence from Nick Hurd MP, Minister of State for Climate Change and Industry.

There have been many industrial strategies since the 1950s but identifying their lasting effect on the economy of the UK has proved difficult. This session is an opportunity to question the minister on how their Industrial Strategy differs from those of the past and if it will really deliver the change to industry and innovation which it promises.


Tuesday 4 April in Committee Room 4A, Palace of Westminster

At 10.40am

  • Nick Hurd MP, Minister of State for Climate Change and Industry, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
  • Jenny Dibden, Director, Science and Research, BEIS

Possible questions

Questions likely to be covered in the session include:

  • The Green Paper opens with a chapter on science and innovation as the first of the key pillars of the strategy. However, science and innovation is mentioned less often in the chapters on procurement, infrastructure, trade, investment and business growth. Is there a specific reason for keeping these areas separate from science and innovation?
  • Strategies are about making choices and choosing priorities. What are the most difficult choices that you expect the Government to face as the strategy develops from this current consultation into a White Paper?
  • The Green Paper describes how Government will work with sectors who ‘organise behind strong leadership'. There is a concern that this works well for incumbents such as life sciences, banking, aerospace and automotive but does not work for emergent sectors that may be important in the future. Will these sectors be put at a disadvantage?

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