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Does the NHS have the resources to deliver on Life Sciences?

19 December 2017

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee continues to take evidence for its inquiry into Life Sciences and the Industrial Strategy. Giving evidence are representatives from NHS Improvement.

Purpose of session

The Committee explores how the NHS can better adopt new innovations; whether initiatives such as the Academic Health Science Networks are fit for purpose; and the NHS's overall role in the implementation of the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy.


Tuesday 19 December in Committee Room 4A, Palace of Westminster

At 9.45am

  • Professor Tim Evans, National Director of Clinical Productivity, NHS Improvement
  • Miles Scott, Improvement Director, NHS Improvement

Possible questions

  • Who should lead within the NHS on delivery of the life sciences strategy?
  • What is NHS Improvement's role in ensuring the delivery of NHS England's "Twelve actions to support and apply research in the NHS"?
  • The Committee have received evidence that innovations are not taken up in the NHS due to budget 'silos'. How can this be addressed?
  • What structures are already in place to encourage the uptake of innovations?

Further information

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