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Foreign Office Chief Scientist questioned on international profile of UK Science

23 February 2016

The Lords Science and Technology Committee hears evidence from Professor Robin Grimes, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, on Tuesday 23 February.

Purpose of the session

The Committee asks a range of questions regarding how the international profile of UK science and its relationships with international bodies is influenced by its membership of the EU. The session is part of a wider examination of the relationship between EU membership and the effectiveness of UK science, research and innovation.


Tuesday 23 February in Committee Room 4A, Palace of Westminster

At 10.40am

  • Professor Robin Grimes, Chief Scientific Adviser, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

Possible questions

The evidence sessions cover questions such as:

  • is the UK making the most of opportunities afforded by our EU membership for international science diplomacy?
  • how does the UK's EU membership affect our bilateral relationships with non-EU countries such as the USA and China in terms of science?
  • what is the EU's role in the UK's interactions with UN agencies that are related to science?
  • do you agree with the view that the UK is viewed globally as a “gateway to Europe”?
  • could the UK science community develop healthy relationships with the EU if we were an Associated Country like Norway or Switzerland?
  • does the UK's membership of the EU influence the role of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's network of science diplomats?

Further information

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